Sunday, March 14, 2004


Where? Where O'where does he find that shit? Oh my god, I've looked at some nasty things on the web in privacy that I would never thought I would tell anyone about...You know, fat chick websites, or those insertion's ones....and although not exactly turned on, I was never repulsed.....but that just made me feel like I'm going to hell. Those picture are, is, and always will be WRONG!! Oh god.
Anyway, let me know when you get back from the KY Jelly plant. I've offloaded the car, to the stupidest bitch I've met in a long time, and already got a flight for 5th April. I need to take a bunch of photo's of us all, however, being a perfectionist/Artist I need to create the right environment....I foresee something smokey....Hopefully with naked sorostitutes, a family size bucket of Kentucky Jelly, a freshly baked french loave and nice bottle of Syrah. Plastic glasses are fine.

Off to bleach my eyeballs.

Andy the (returning) Brit

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