Thursday, February 26, 2004

Too late... I installed your version when we lived together and I never got the sound to work... I probably should have looked for the diver, anyway I got it up and running last night and played online... its real easy to set up... its all point and click. Also they've released some patches for the game you may want to download... but if you have some time tomorrow afternoon we can try and get together. I found the 'game of the year addition' on sale used for 12$ at Easton. Its great, everything is smooth unlike UT2003, my system is actually well equipped for this game, I guess it makes sense, their both really old in computer time. The game of the year addition comes with another CD that contains extra mods like a level designer and extra game play features... anyhoo. I'll probably burn a copy for Trevor and we can be off and running.

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