Friday, February 20, 2004

Hi everybody! (Dr. Nick Voice from Simpsons). So its friday, anybody got any cool plans for the weekend? Brit boy, what you got cook'n. We should try to get together over the weekend, maybe saturday night. Actually I want to get a hold of trevor and talk camping with him. I think I have everything worked out for the grand canyon trip, I'd just like some advice from a true 'man of the mountain'. This is going to sound strange but... I haven't been to hendocs in a few weeks... maybe its time. Alright everyone let me know whats on your mind... and keep the blogg roll'n, I'll send some more invites. Maybe I should change the url... eglobao dosen't exactly roll of the tounge. Oh yea I got a new monitor... its 21'', thats actually small in comparison to J-Z's rims... I digress.

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