Monday, September 12, 2011

Not quite a hoverboard......

From via the Carpe Diem blog

First commercial jetpack will sell for $100,000, make your dreams of flying come true

"If scoring a seat onboard an airship doesn't seem to be in your immediate future, why not consider a jetpack? We've seen jetpack stunts and world record attempts before, but the notion of actually buying one for private, sky-legal use probably seemed like science fiction. But hold your skepticism: the first commercial jetpack is slated to go on sale as soon as next year.

The Martin Jetpack is scheduled to go on sale in 2012, and the current price tag is set at a lofty $100,000. Amazingly, it's actually legal: It will meet the FAA's strict standards for ultralight aircraft flight. By design, the jetsetter along for the ride won't be able to exceed 63 miles per hour, with a flight time limited to 30 minutes."

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  1. Crazy! I'm thinking I'd still rather get a ferari or some super car so I could take another person with me for a ride in my new toy. Very cool though. Also why doesn't Moore's law apply to things other than processors?