Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning

So as I pulled onto Horizons Dr this morning I saw a lot of smoke coming out of of the parking lot across the street. A German car, (BMW, Volkswagen, or Audi, couldn't really tell) was on fire. The fire department came about 3 or 4 minutes after I arrived.

This wasn't as cool as other emergency response situations of the past here. My 2 favorites were when the fire department made us leave the building because someone hit a gas line with a backhoe, and when the police chased a man who just robbed someone on Henderson into our building. He was wearing a shirt that said "strippers really love my pole." Cops from UA, Cbus, the Sheriff, and the Columbus Ghetto Bird were all on the scene.

Random link for today: The country of Malawi is set to make a law that will outlaw breaking wind in public. Also, pretending to be a fortune tell will soon become illegal.

The guy on Channel 4 must be really busy, he's a weatherman AND President of Malawi.

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  1. I'm basing this totally on the wheel pattern...

    I think it's a Jetta?!?!?!?!