Friday, January 28, 2011

Interactive Map of the Day

Percentage of adult residents with a college degree by county.

National Average: 27.50%
Franklin County: 35.09%
Highest I found was Albermarle County Virginia: 52.45%. I haven't looked but I'm guessing that is where UVA is located.

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  1. Always interesting to look at national scale maps. You get some interesting issues related to MAUP.

    For example, those montana counties are probably where univeristies are... combine that with a huge county (in square miles) and it looks like there's a super concentration of smart people.

    I think Colorado has a similar thing going on... yea I'm sure there are a lot of smart people in that area, but so little of the Rockies is actually habitable.

    Also interesting to see the national average is < 30%. Just sort of take it for granted that people go to college. Also... what's up with all the Asian people... damn!!