Friday, December 10, 2010

More basketball

I know it's technically still football season and many people haven't started to pay attention yet, but the basketball buckeyes are pretty awesome. Jared Sullinger set an OSU freshman record scoring 40 last night, breaking Michael Redd's record of 30. The last freshman in the country to score 40 or more was Michael Beasley. Sullinger also had his 4th double double. He's a very good all-around player, he took his his 7th charge of the season last night, he can pass and has good hands.

The team has a nice mix of upperclassmen who have won league championships and a lot of freshman talent. Diebler is still very inconsistent, still can't play defense, and is still a pussy. Lighty and Buford didn't have great games yesterday but are two of the best in the Big 10, and Craft is going to be a good addition at point guard. They're going to win a lot of games, this should be a fun season.


  1. The buckeyes have a solid team. I don't seem to remember a team this solid top to bottom since the JJ days.

  2. I think Sullinger is better than Oden. Oden was an insane shot blocker and rebounder, but Sullinger is much more skilled on offense. And I think Diebler is good for the team. He's slow, but Lighty, Craft and Buford make up for it with their speed. Diebler is a trigger, and an accurate one at that. His penchant to shot early, often and accurately rubs of on the rest of the offense and causes them increase focus.