Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anderson Patrick Bauer

Here is a picture of the little guy. He was born at 4:04 am Monday morning. 7lbs 4oz, 19inches.

Possible nicknames, Andy, AP, or if he become a rebounding machine who plays tenacious defense, Wild Thing.

He doesn't do many tricks yet, but recently today, he started doing some reckless eyeballin' of his surroundings.

Kelly is doing great

I think Thursday might be a good day if you'd like to come meet him. Maybe before Festivas. Give me a call or text

If you ever need any medical procedures, child birth or anything else, I highly recommend Riverside. Everyone who has taken care of us has been great. Very nice people who all seem to really love their job.


  1. Congratulations Bauers! He looks like a lil' rebounding machine!

  2. A star is born! I'll have to pick something up for the little champ... and Traci and I will prepare some sort of meal for you guys.

    What's up with the total grandview baby-boom? If everyone moved back there could be a class of '96 repeat in 2029.