Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wal-Mart over/under

Muffin sent me this picture last night, that is both hilarious, and the current background on my phone. The caption under the photo was "I'm gettin' a Rascal!"

Recently, on trips to Wal-Mart I've been playing a game to make the trip even more interesting. On my way in I pick over or under the number of Rascals (motorized shopping carts) I'll see during my shopping experience.

The baseline for any Wal-Mart is 3. From there, based on the fullness of the parking lot, whether it's a big or small Wal-Mart, or if it's outside 270, all make a pretty good gauge on how many variable .5 rascals you add to your over/under.

For instance, the Wal-Mart at Carriage Place is a small Wal-Mart inside 270, so the over/under would be 3. The Wal-Mart at Tuttle is a little trickier. It's a bigger Wal-Mart, just outside 270. But you also have to account for the "West Side Vicinity Factor." Taking all that into account, I would set the over/under at 4.5.

A trip over this past weekend to The Fountain City, Bryan, Ohio, forced me to add the 270 factor. Also, when playing against anyone, remember to take home court advantage into account.

The grocery area and the pharmacy are the best places to spot a Rascal to add to your tally.

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  1. Pretty sure Jared's photo is the result of the FatBooth iPhone app.

    I'll have to track down the photo of Luke... makes Traci laugh every time.