Thursday, November 11, 2010

13 years ago today...

About this time we were sitting at a Firestone outside Moorestown, NJ, waiting for the exhaust system to be replaced. Besides the concert, my 2 favorite parts of that morning were finding the all-night, all you can eat breakfast buffet on the PA turnpike, and seeing the true amazement on Ed's face after witnessing a piece of steel being cut in half with fire for the first time.

November 11, 1997: Metallica's free concert, called the "Million Decibel March," was a great. They opened up with James playing the famous ESPN Sportscenter music on his guitar. The Philadelphia Inquirer said this about the show: "It was part burlesque show, part rugby match, and hearing-loss loud. The band was profane on stage and charming before the show. Police pronounced the fans better behaved than a Philadelphia Eagles crowd. And neighbors who feared the worst from the self-styled Loudest Band in the World complained more about the sound from the news choppers circling overhead."

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  1. I think the mechanic with the blowtorch was named was Sonny and the guy at the matress store nextdoor had crabs. We got to hear Reload songs before the CD came out. One of the few Metallica shows that we didnt pay to get into. I remember the police raking tickets from people going in and then just handing them back out to the people in line that didn't have one. Apparently they couldn't just let you walk in without a ticket??? Oh, Haris also introduced me as Muffin to all of his family and friends and never actually told them my real name.