Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nuts in his mouth!

NBA Jam has arrived! Available on Wii and will be available on PS3 and Xbox by Christmas.

The title offers two game modes: Classic Campaign and Remix Tour. In Classic Campaign, players can take a trip down memory lane, individually or cooperatively with a friend, as they play through all the teams in the NBA in a worst to first ladder tournament. Then in Remix Tour, players will face boss battles, against some of the NBA’s greatest legends, in half-court games with distinct challenges and winning conditions.

Unlockable characters include President Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and Sarah Palin. The Beastie Boys are also characters.

Will someone with on of these consoles please let me come over and play?


  1. sounds supper sweet! Can't wait to dunk on some fools. Hopefully they don't use non-hd wii graphics on the other console releases. For serious, maybe a game night is in order when this is released, along side Rockband 3

  2. here's an old video featuring some of the old school playas...

    also how unbelievable will the HEAT be in this game?!?!? They have the ultimate NBA Jam lineup!