Thursday, October 21, 2010


I received this picture from your very concerned wife Muffin. What the fuck? Is that your "O" face?

One loss because of horrible play calling, horrible offensive and defensive line play, horrible officiating, continuing horrible special team play... and you're ready to give up? I know they climb the backs of candy cane MAC teams to elevate themselves to the top of national rankings year after year, and being exposed as a fraud usually comes in a BCS game, but really? You're all about the Ducks now?

PS - Bryant Browning and Mike Adams suck
War Dane Sanzenbacher. You earned yourself a few million bucks Saturday night. Nice to see someone play with some balls.


  1. This will probably get that participation erick was asking about last week. I'll admit it, I've liked Oregon since the first game I went to when they beat Michigan in 2003.

  2. Kinda funny how fanship goes. I've always considered my self a cabs fan since te days if mark price and Larry nance. But during the Danny ferry years (as a player) I never really fowlled them. Once Lebrun came around I felt like I had to watch as much as possible cause you knew every night he would do something that totally amazing.

    Now he's with the heat I won't be excited to watch jj hixon or boobie score 20 points cause it won't have the same style or flair that lebron did. I'll never consider myself a heat fan (I had a strong hatred for ronnnie seikley growing up)... But I bet I watch more heat games this year.

  3. Note iPhone mistype on LeBron... But LeBrun is actually kinda catchy, better send that one to the PTI guys quick!!!

  4. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I will have to mention that even though I initially sent the pic to Brad because I was very worried about my husband. I have since spoken to him and he did remind me that He does pay out family dues each year to the Portland Ohio State Alumni association as well as gives money via the raffles each week which goes toward a scholarship for prospective NW Ohio State students. That said I will be sure to burn that shirt when he returns from Eugene with me Saturday. GO BUCKS!!!!