Thursday, July 29, 2010

Athens, peace groups will miss internationally known activist

Remember Mr. Gish?
ART GISH | 1939-2010

He died yesterday after a tractor accident. Some might remember meeting him in a small room in the Athens County Courthouse. He served as an arbitrator to the matter of 40 W Carpenter, in the famous 1999 lawsuit, Cornwell Realty vs Hanover, Greigas, Bauer and Hastie.


  1. wow... so he represented you guys? Sounds like you guys were lucky someone like him was there to defend you against the evil realty company.

    Oh and I showed this to Joe while we were in Carolla just the other day and he said you spelled his name wrong. I'm still amazed a person like this lives in Athens.

  2. I wasn't on the lease so I couldn't participate. I'm sad. My name was all over the walls in the though. That list of damages could have been a mile long.

  3. Sugar wasn't on the lease either, she (or was it a he?) caused a fair share of damage.

    Oh, and there was that part about having some of the largest parties on campus that year too.