Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Captain Lou

Arguably the greatest tag team manager in professional wrestling history has passed away.

I fondly remember WWF on the USA Network filling the void between Sunday school and Kiwanis Soccer during most of the 80's. Captain Lou managed one of my favorite tag teams, the British Bulldogs, with their dog Matilda.

While he has many spectacular, boisterous, moments from the WWF, many will remember him as the father in the Girls just wanna have fun video, or swinging his arms from side to side Do the Mario!

Captain Lou was 76.

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  1. When I think about managers, I don't typically think about The Cap'n. Imagine him as your manager. Woudldn't that make everyday a big bowl of sunshine with some tattoos on it.
    I think I actually tried to be him for Halloween when I was little. Think of how many people are going to be him for Halloween this year. How did he get those things in his face!