Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stiff Arm

Check out the faces on the sideline after the Terrelle stiff arm.

It's all about that Woo WOOOOOOO


  1. Thanks for a good old non-partisan Buckeye Post! Everyone can agree on Buckeye domination this weekend right? Actually I'm not so sure... Penn State is looking solid this year.

    At least we won't have to listen to the damn wildcat / lion roar ever two seconds!

    Traci and I are going to the game... hopefully it will by a dry warm night... hopefully.

  2. The best part(s) about the hay-maker are that its reliable, predictable, yet unstoppable.

  3. Here's the link to the rest of the Buck Nuts pictures

    Don't know if this is an issue outside the office, I can only see 1 picture. There is suppose to be 3, blogger wasn't cooperating when I posted it. When I click on where picture 2 should be the firewall blocks it, saying it's pornography. I guess a move that sick is not only criminal, but pornographic.

    PSU has a lot of seniors, is well balanced and takes full opportunity of all opponent mistakes. But, hopefully, just like last year, we'll see a pornographic beat down of those Pennsyl-tucky degenerates Saturday night.