Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2003

Happy Five-Year Oregon Day Jared.

Glad you made it without loosing any oxen. You killed 1200 pounds of bison, but can only bring 200 back to the wagon.


  1. Wow... 5 years huh... seems like forever. Keep on rocking bro! And give me a call if your ever doing the rock band thing at Caleb's place... Jimmy and I can join your virtual band via the internets!!

    Holla Back!

  2. That t-shirt is for sale in a store down the street from my office right now. I think I'll go by myself an anniversery present. By the way I quit my job today too. Last day celebration!

  3. What you quit today? You got a new job lined up? Sounds like we need to talk... maybe this evening, maybe this afternoon.