Monday, July 09, 2007

How was it you ask?

Let's see...

Will it be remembered as the one Fekete rolled in on a 33 footer?

The one when there was a chic fight?

The one Brock had to leave and go to Athens for some community service to quote "wrap up some charges he has down there."

The one Vance drove to Athens to pick up 15 more kegs? Yeah, that's right!

The second time a tow truck had to be called?

The one when someone took a dump in the outhouse and missed?

The one we crusted into Bob Evans after clean up with every eye in the place on us?

The one where the cahsier at McDonald's told me how much I smelled like beer/jager/whiskey?

I think we had at least 300 people, which is more than average, and we kicked 34 kegs. Well, tapped 34 kegs.

So how was it? Awesome. Epic. Legendary. Why yes. Yes it was.


  1. At least I didn't miss any naked chick fight. I regret missing it for sure. New rule: if you are from Grandview and you are getting married. it has to be at the Pig Roast. That's gonna come back to haunt me.

  2. Chick fight!? Did you say there was a friggin chick fight? Damn it! I'll be moving back not now- but right now! I blew it and I'm sorry. I'll never miss another.

    P.S. Do you think we could start an annual mudwrestling tourney(starting around 7 in the pm)?

  3. Crazy! I guess I'll have to stop by Hen Docs for after-party to hear all the good stories... depending on what Traci wants to do for her birthday?

    What about a flickr upload? Ka I'm sure you had your camera there... did anyone get another group shot?