Monday, July 02, 2007

5 days...

The pink outhouse's Poo Burglar is ready for the shit to go down. Are you?

We're just 5 days away from the most spectacular show of pork and PBR in the Midwest. Come one, come all to the OPR Family Reunion.

PS - Alex Hastie: The Buckeye EP is fantastic. My favorites are June Four Seventy-Four and Meigs County Gold. All the others are great too.


  1. I'll be working on my CD to add to the mix when I get back from Philladelphia. Most of my music has been pulled off of my PC and on to my iPod... so I might be providing more random tracks... but hey one random cd in a cd-changer full of CDs can't hurt right.

    Go Poo Burgler!!!

  2. I sent 3 CDs today. each is different but all are labeled with the same reflective 7.

  3. Did the Local Ballers put out another disc? If so, hook a brother up..

    And I made two discs which I will be bringing to the Roast.

  4. Joe-

    Alex put together the Buckeye EP.

    It's super sweet. All the songs reference a place in Ohio or a something uniquely Ohio. I helped out with the recording and added guitars and keyboard parts but Alex did the hard work.

    I'll try and put a full post together with download links for each of the tracks.

    I'll be at the roast Friday night... who else is planning on making it down on Friday?