Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reenactment of the reenactment

Reenact of the reenact
Originally uploaded by bradb221.
I've uploaded a few pictures, this being one of them. I'll get a few more later today.

Thanks Erick and Traci, Sunday night kicked ass.

Is everyone ready for the Muffin Invasion of 2007? Giddy-up


  1. When trying to figure out how to delete my double post (can you tell me how Erick?) I found a draft of this gem

  2. When your on the right in the edit post view you should see a link to View and a link to Delete each post... maybe it's only an admin thing, I'll clean it up by the end of the day.

    Nice pictures! The fact that you can see the old picture on the wall is clutch!

  3. Thanks Erick and Traci! New Year's at your house was great time! I don't think you had enough alcohol though:). Thanks again!

  4. I think I saw Dave Neyer in one of the Pics??? Was he there?

  5. Word Dave was in Columbus for the weekend. I guess he stayed with Chuck and Niki.