Sunday, December 03, 2006

August 31 - December 2, 2006. Where were you?

To paraphrase Tim Brando from CBS Sports, "We have just witnessed the greatest regular season in the history of American sport."

Let's begin shall we...

Cal vs. Tennessee, Ohio State vs. Texas, Florida vs. Tennessee, LSU vs. Auburn, Oregon vs. Oklahoma, Michigan vs. Wisconsin, Georgia vs. Colorado, Notre Dame vs. Michigan State, Auburn vs. South Carolina, Washington vs. USC, Florida vs. LSU, Georgia vs. Tennessee, Florida vs. Auburn, Michigan vs. Penn State, Indiana vs. Iowa, Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, Michigan State vs. Northwestern, Texas vs. Nebraska, Notre Dame vs. UCLA, USC vs. Oregon State, WV vs. Louisville, Tennessee vs. LSU, Louisville vs. Rutgers, Boise State vs. San Jose State, Ohio State vs. Michigan, LSU vs. Arkansas, Florida vs. Florida State, Oregon vs. Oregon State, USC vs. UCLA, Florida vs. Arkansas, WV vs. Rutgers.

Oh yeah, and OU, who during the mid-90's had one of the longest losing streaks EVER is going to a bowl game. How can you doubt them with a QB that has such a bad ass name?

How does it all shake out? We'll see tonight at 8. Most of the national media, with the exception of Kirk Herbsteit and Steven A. Smith make a pretty strong argument that Florida is more deserving of a shot in the BCS Title Game. We'll see.

That was written by Brad Bauer, Sports Fan. Brad Bauer, Buckeye Fan, could go on and on about:

A) OSU's 12-0 season

B) How OSU is going into the National Championship Game as the undisputed #1


D)How after next Saturday night, Ohio State will most likely be retiring #10

It's a great time to be alive.

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  1. Nice post... even nicer college football season. Columbus was weird on Saturday, no football / holiday meant Stauf's was packed out the wazzo... and the streets were crowded with shoppers.

    Oh yea, don't forget about Greg Oden playing in his first game over the weekend... he looked beefy, It's strange to have a basketball team I'm interested in watching this early into the season.