Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who's with me?

Erick's Bachelor Party - August 5th.

Here's the plan. Meet somewhere that morning, probably in the Grandview vicinity, drive to Paintball Country, and shoot at each other for a few hours. This place looks pretty dope. They suggest reservations for large groups which is probably a good idea. It's $25 to play all day, which includes renting all the equipment, $10 to play all day if you have your own.

After paintball, drive back to C-bus, then meet up again to go to dinner, most likely Barley's. In the 6 - 7 PM range. They're pretty accommodating for large groups and it wouldn't hurt to have a reservation there as well. After we eat it's time to board the bus. Here are some pictures.

We have the bus from 9 - 1. Depending on how many people go we need to collect $30-40 each to pay for the bus, Erick's dinner, and we'd have enough so Erick can drink for free, and have enough money to buy bread so we can feed the ducks down by the river.

Since this will be after the State of Ohio Bar exam does that mean we can include Mr. Alex Hastie?

So... who's with me? Who's in for paintball, who's in for the rest of the night?


  1. Speaking of P-A-R-T-I-E-S i'm looking to come to C-bus sometime between 7th and 20th September....anybody have a preference for a weekend when we can rekindle anglo-USA ties?
    Anyone even fucking remember me? I was the english guy with a scottish accent.

  2. Andy the Brit, I thought you were Asian.

    BTW I am in on the night activities...cant make it to paintball.

  3. Not coming to the wedding Andy??? What's the deal?! You act like you live in another country or something...

  4. Count me in for a day of fun, and feeding ducks.

  5. I'm in for Morning, Day, Night and Morning celebrations.

  6. I am planning on meeting you guys at Paintball Country, then heading back up to C-bus with the group. Carter, should I stop by your place on my way to the paintball field?

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Count me in for all activities.