Thursday, May 04, 2006

G-town Love

G-town Love

May 4 is a special occasion for "scruffy-looking nerfherders" and closet fans of Aunt Beru. You see, today is "Star Wars Day." To the best of our knowledge there's no official party or convention, but there is a kind of secret handshake, albeit a verbal one. Instead of saying "may the force be with you," (as we all do hundreds of times every day) those in the know say "may the fourth be with you." Get it? May the fourth?
Honestly, we're a little embarrassed to be writing about this, but when the searches surge, we don't have a choice. So, rather than judge from atop Mt. Cool, we'll instead imagine May 4 as a day of togetherness for a galaxy far, far away. It's a day when Chewbacca and C-3PO put their bickering behind them. It's a day when Obi-Wan and the walrus guy from the cantina can kick back with a tall glass of blue milk. It's a day when Darth Vader is a little less angry, Jar-Jar is a little less annoying, and Luke and Leia are a little less, ahem, chummy. Go ahead and hug your nearest Jawa. It's Star Wars Day.


  1. Man...Aunt Beru, she's in the movie for like less than two minutes!

    Just saw this related news story...
    The Original Trilogy will be released on DVD. Each movie will come with two discs, one with the original un-cut flick and the second one with the re-released updated versions.

    Looks like Spielberg needs an addition on his sky walker ranch.

    Reuters News

  2. yeah it would be nice to have a small percentage from Mr. Lucas