Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun With Screen Capture

You sure you weren't invited? See that? Go ahead, click on the picture. Under "Open Invitations." Status... Pending

Wait. Let me zoom in on that.

What's the date on there?

JUNE 16 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The OPR blog will soon be getting an overhaul, so until then... Have a nice day.


  1. Hey Ka, don't forget to add your new pictures to the OPR Flickr Group. Use the organizr tools.

  2. ive attempted to add the doesnt allow me to add them to the group other then a set i made on my own.

  3. I looked into this... aparently their move to gamma has caused problems witht their group functions in organize.

    You have to add photos to a group on the individual image page. You should see a "send to group" button right where you see the add note, all sizes buttons. Essentially you have to add them one by one.

  4. no go...i looked and dont see the link to add the photo.