Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dude, where's my personal info?

Hey OU dopeheads, another tragedy has befallen your ridiculously stoned-out association with Ohio University. They lost all your personal information, social security numbers included, to "international hackers." These hackers must have sensed the soft underbelly of the Ohio University IT team when they saw all those old Chunky wrappers and the metal Cartman bowl resting on the keyboard in their office. So do what you must to protect yourselves and your stash because "international hackers" have created a serious bummer just before PalmerFest was about to get you off the couch to go check out OAR show and eat some stoner brownies while talking about why Bush doesn't like hippies.

Below is a link to the NEast Ohio news coverage of the story, starring my co-worker and OU alum Justin McCaulley looking all concerned about his stolen information.


  1. Tell Head, Pimp Style says hey.

    When did Sherrif Near become OU president?

  2. I thought this story was kind of interesting, this was covered on ohio news radio the other day. Apparently they had a really old server up and running that should have been decommissioned a while ago.

    I'd like to know how/why the FBI discovered the information was stolen? Do they routinely monitor university web traffic? Interesting stuff.

  3. BTW: Nice palmer-fest reference!

  4. Here's a somewhat related OU news story, with other obvious movie tie-ins...

    Ohio football player charged with hitting police horse

    I wonder what the horse's name is?