Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quick parking question

Can anyone who went to OSU, (Erick, Traci, Joe, Brit "rusty sergeant badge" Boy, Nate, Ka, Nowa) please answer a parking question for me?

Rumor has it you can park in commuter lots, C lots I believe, on campus after 4:30 pm without a tag. A) Is this true? and B) Does this apply to staff lots? B lots I believe

Any help on the matter is appreciated - thanks


  1. That's a loaded question... looking at the T&P page for visitor parking... you've got to pay something to park anywhere on campus. Of course this is their written policy... but to what degree do they enforce it (who knows)?

    My next question would be where do you need to park? Perhaps you can park on a side street. If I go anywhere near the oval for an hour or two I usually try to park next to the BW3s on high street. They've got 2-hour meeters (if you can get an open spot).

  2. I've always had luck parking by Wendel's old apartment too (the one between Neal and High and not far from Joey and Nate's dorm) - they had permitless parking there a year ago.

  3. Thanks. Norwich is my best option, I'll only have to walk a few blocks and its free.

  4. If you get a ticket parking there I will kiss your rusty sheriffs badge...