Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sergei's a Jacket

Only 1 assist in 5 games this year, but still...


  1. That's sweet... kinda crazy when you think about it. I've never really treated the Jackets like a real professional team... one great year of Nash... then they're gone... and now they're back with one of the best "video-game" hockey players of all time. I'm with McLean... bring in proven veterans to rub off on the youngsters.

  2. Bring in over the hill veterans with $6 million contracts who still have three years left.

    The last vet with a large contract (Todd Marchant) we just put on waivers...

    The team has plenty o'problems that wont be solved by Sergei "Soon to be 36" Feder-nizzle....

    Lastly, its hard to rub off on newbies when they are all hurt.