Friday, November 04, 2005


Scott got 12 tickets for the game, most are accounted for. If you haven't said you're going yet and want one let either Seth or I know. Rumor has it we're meeting at 1438 Fairview around 4:30 or 4:45 then hitting US-23 S

Who's with me?

Also, if you have access to the there is a great Bob Hunter column today about Grandview football. It talks about people driving by practice and honking and most fans walking to the games but nothing about the kick ass party across the street on game night...


  1. I'll be going, and Alex is gonna go as well... does this throw off the numbers? Can we still get tickets at the game?

  2. Try this link for the story... (no password)/

  3. Awesome story. I remember going to the last playoff game with the Goodenows and the Harrises. I think we lost to (Notre Dame?) on a late game field goal. Hopefully this year's team will have the kind of success our basketball teams did in 97 and 98.

  4. Seth is getting more tickets. They're $8 at the gate and $6 at the school. If you buy them at the school Grandview gets a $1