Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This Friday is the last regular season home football game for the Grandview Bobcats. Please come to the Fairview Friday night around 7:30 to watch as the Bobcats kick the shit out of Licking Heights.

In two weeks Grandview may be hosting their first playoff game. So plan on coming for that too.

If anyone wants to go to Logan that weekend (Nov. 5th) for some chainsawin', some machete action on those pesky vines and some heavy, heavy drinking let me know. Seth and myself and several of Scott's friends are going down. If there is a home game that Friday we would probably leave Saturday morning. OSU plays Illinois (A MAC team at best this year) that day, don't worry there is a satellite dish at the fabulous Maiberger Acres. And we can always count on hearing the voice of "Big Daddy" Mr. Paul Keels... "The Ohio State Buckeyes, moving left to right on your radio dial, wearing their traditional home scarlet jersey with white numerals, gray pants and silver helmets..."

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