Friday, September 30, 2005

Lego man is sweet!

Maybe lego man can get together with bobble-head Jesus later for a huge blow down session...

If you're in the C-bus tonight and want to get ripped watching High School Football you better drag your ass to the Fairview. There will be a keg, bbq, a fire pit and corn hole. The game starts at 7:30

Also, Erick I'm looking in your direction, does anybody know how to switch profiles using Mozilla? You know, after it freezes up and you try to restart it and it says your profile is already in use, then you have to "create" a new one. Any idea? Thanks

Peace 5000 G

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  1. That used to happen to me with netscape... I haven't seen it happen in firefox. Check for updates... they released one a few weeks ago... 1.0.7