Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm out... a boner in sweatpants. I'll try to drop some blog from Montana or Myrtle Beach next week, probably Myrtle Beach.

Thanks for all the suggestions for the underwear. Mr. and Mrs. Carter's suggestion was the winner, Hog Heaven. Check it out here. It's pretty small, but that's all we can work with. For the rest of OPR 2005 merchandise check out our online store

I put G-ads on the pig roast blog, if you feel up to it could you please do some daily clickin' on them? It's down on the right above the archives. Since it's another site it may generate more pennies per hit. They go off to the right, and they're not as tall as I'd like but I'm tired of fucking with it for today

Happy Thursday

PS Go number 24! Chevy all the way!!!!


  1. crap bag... your going to Montana? I remember you mentioning the NC trip... but damn. Oh yea... for anyone with a camera phone, you can post your pictures to the blog. Follow the instructions at You know me... I've been dreaming of a camera phone for the last few months... I don't know if I can hold out for this one (Q4 05).

    Nokia 6265 @ Engadget

  2. Moral of that last comment... you can let everyone know what your doing on your vacation with your mobile phone biatches!

  3. I tried MoBlogging, but it won't work for me from over here. Damn your US-centric attitude!