Tuesday, June 07, 2005

From Haditha to Byrne's Pub

Brian Taylor
Originally uploaded by bradb221.
Brian Taylor, his dad was at Victory's Friday night, is the 2nd from the right


  1. Damn, that picture was take 5 days ago. I hope they get back soon... I'll be ready to buy them a drink when they return. Can you find out who the other guys are too? I'm sure it goes with out saying... we respect you guys and want to see you home safe and sound.

  2. Wow... I'm not sure about the Marines but those guys seem to have some bad-ass weapons. What unit is that?

  3. Yea, I was thinking about that... from my socom experience it looks like they're a couple of snipers, two SAWs? and an M4A1 with tons' of accessories?

  4. That's Rob's unit, Lima Company. Sgt. Taylor is a sniper, pretty good at it from what Dan has told me