Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm published

Police review response to fight

By Brad Bauer

An internal investigation was launched Monday looking into the actions of Marietta Police officers during a Saturday night brawl at the Lafayette Hotel.

The investigation is in response to a written complaint filed Sunday by Katrina Lauer, who claims she was struck twice by a Marietta police officer during the melee.

Lauer was one of about 150 people attending the reception at the hotel celebrating the marriage of Rodney and Amanda Montgomery, of Marietta. The couple could not be reached for comment Sunday or Monday.

You don't hear melee associated with wedding receptions often, but I guess this is Marietta.


  1. Good work Brad... you can add this to your resume!

  2. Reminds me of going to my old roomate Bill McFadden's wedding last year. "Circleville Bill's" wedding and reception were going great, we were all having a good time smoking stogey's behind the Gahanna church when someone yelled for their friend who was about to graduate from medical school. As we walked around to the front of the church we saw an ambulance and fire truck pull up... bad sign. Bill's younger brother, Nick (AKA Close-Talker) who had major drug problems in high school had apparently erupted. He had gotten into an argument with his father-in-law and pushed him down a flight of stairs. He banged his head on the floor, causing their grandma to pass out cold. As we walked into the reception area Bill's step dad had a bloody bandage wrapped around his head and they were carrying out his grandma on a stretcher. Nick fled the scene and the police supposedly put out an APB on him. Moral of the story... don't smoke "primo blunts" in high school.