Friday, May 20, 2005

4 things for Friday (Did you like that alliteration Mrs. Coffman?)

#1 - Congratulations Joe!

I can only imagine how great it feels to be finished. Have fun in 'Bama. Do you have to exchange your money once you cross into Kentucky, or do you have to wait until you're south of the Mason-Dixon line?

#2 - Star Wars... Tits

It was fucking sweet, there was a few corny as hell moments, but it was awesome, Fag-Jar was only in it maybe twice and didn't speak

#3 - On Thursday's Hoggy's has ALL YOU CAN EAT PIG ROAST!!!!! Seth, Scott and I made short work of the beast they had spread out buffet style, I felt like a fat kid in a candy factory, or a dike at the Home Depot

#4 - Reggie. See ya fuck face. I have to admit hearing his ET ass on Dan Patrick makes me think he's a pretty cool dude but then you see his top 10 moments on Sports Center. Let's see, you're great(?) b/c you fight like a girl, never won a championship, can't get open without grabbing and pushing and when someone does the exact same thing, you bitch... Oh well, we'll see him in the hall of fame.


  1. I agree, star wars... tits! If anyone else goes to see it I'll gladly go again.

  2. Chuckuh11:49 AM

    Atleast Reggie will always have is late night talk show to fall back on, and Dan Patrick's knob to polish.

  3. I haven't heard anything about a late night tv show, is this from the Dan Patrick interview? Here's my point; the people of Indiana would probably like to make reggie a saint along with Larry Legend. What does that say about Hoosiers... I don't know? I kinda went through a John Elway thing with Reggie... hate him for so long then respect him cause of his long carrier. I guess I'm just a media whore.

  4. Word - I agree completely on Star Wars - far, far better than the first two - and if you excuse a few cheese ball moments, it's great - and I guess it wouldn't be Star Wars without a few moments of bad acting..

    If you haven't seen it yet, I don't want to ruin the ending - but let's just it ends with the stunning revelation that a certain jedi master "Yoda" is actually the father of a certain unnamed Wookie.. who'd a thunk it?

    On the basketball front, I was hoping to see Detroit and Indiana figure out a way to both lose the series - but now that it's over, I'm sure Jordan feels a sense of satisfactaion that another superstar from his era retires championshipless.. Ewing, Barkley, Miller, Stockton/Malone..

  5. Traci thought you were serious about the Star Wars ending... and she watched it with me. For in-depth Star Wars coverage check out

    They've got links to the animated shorts... which I highly recomend.