Friday, November 26, 2004


Erick-I read your posting, I am stuck in front of the computer for about another 10 minutes. I am really looking forward to a nap and getting something to eat to help cure my waking up with a buzz this morning. The only story I have is a certain step-sister getting too intoxicated, falling down the porch steps, then several hours later falling again, but this time holding a plate of pie and ice cream and slamming it into her own face. Oh yeah, and step-sister's dad backing his Envoy into the neighbors garage door. And the other step-sister telling us she wishes her pussy hurt. But seriously it was my favorite of my 26 Thanksgivings

Andy - since nobody has answered your first thing the code for links is

< a href="">Andy the Brit< /a >

But leave out the spaces. Make sense? Your car is tits

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