Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Detroit... What!

Let's play a game shall we? Who am I? I'm 6'7" and can't dunk, probably costing my team game 2, I look like E.T. or Smeagol (my precious), I need new teeth, I'm a bigger flopper than Rodman, I can't get open without grabbing my defender and pulling him into a moving pick, I shoot like a girl, I bitch constantly, especially when someone does the exact same thing I just got away with, Tayshaun threw his Bulimia inducer up on my tonsils last night with 17 seconds left, and I too make Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X...

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Also, I have ears the size of Dumbo the Clown and I'd rather go for a sissy lay-up instead of dunk it. Teyshaun punked me bad, even though he's only about a buck 0 five.