Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Brad's Top Ten

1 - Two A minuses
2 - Take Wayne to Oregon, (We're coming in August Muff) Let him dip his feet in the Pacific, completing his 11 and a half month bi-coastal journey
3 - Replace "Trash Box" in the dining room with a "Trash Can" and take the dishes from the kitchen floor to the kitchen cabinets
4 - Check out this alliteration: Party Boy, Pool, Pig Roast
5 - Have to take a shower and open a window because "Damn, It smell like Boodissy up in herrr!" Herrr pronounced as if Khalid was talking
6 - Vent, hinge and shovel the pink outhouse
7 - Walk to both Dairy Queen and French Loaf at least once a week
8 - Secure a 5 gallon bucket of "uncontrollable all night belly laughs" for OPR 04
9 - Drink until the birds are chirping/sun is rising no more than 9 times, Pig week excluded
10 - Get that boob job I've always wanted

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